About Eastview Theater

About Eastview Theatre

Eastview Theater has an extremely rich tradition of excellence. We stage four main stage productions annually (Fall Play, Musical, Competition One Act Play, and Winter Play), offer course work in acting, and provide students with rich experiences both on stage and off. In addition to award-winning performances, a large group of theatre technicians work to create scenery and costumes. Different than other programs where adults often accompany the student instrumentalists, the pit orchestra prides itself on its student-only status. As we prepare each season, our focus is always upon a student’s four-year experience. From classic to contemporary, comic to tragic, fairy tale to theater of the absurd—Eastview Theater works toward preparing student artists for the diversity of theatrical experience they will encounter beyond our stage.

Since we first turned on our stage lights in 1997, Eastview Theater has garnered a number of awards and honors. As members of the Spotlight Musical Theater Program, our musicals have earned more than 130 company, group, and ensemble awards. Most notably, we have earned the coveted Overall Outstanding Production Award for each of the productions entered as well as the Outstanding Student Orchestra each and every year. In a balloted selection process, Eastview was chosen to represent the United States by performing at the International Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our Competition One Act Play has earned first place at the Section Final Contest on ten occasions and gone on to win a Starred Performance Rating at the Minnesota State One Act Festival for each of those ten productions. The Starred Performance is the Minnesota State High School League’s equivalent to a state championship.

Our students move on to study at some of our nation’s finest performance institutions in preparation for their lives in the performing arts. See Notable Alumni to see more.

If you would like to learn more about our program, tour our facility, or just talk about theatre, please contact Scott Durocher at scott.durocher@district196.org.