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Eastview Musical Theatre

Eastview Theater produces one musical each year that boasts the involvement of 125-200 students. We select musicals to challenge and showcase the skills of our actors, singers, dancers, instrumentalists, technicians, and costumers. We also keep a keen eye on providing a variety of musical theater styles over a student’s four-year tenure. There are students in literally every area of our Performing Arts Center during our performances. Behind and above the seats are students running lights, spotlights, and assisting our audio mixer. Backstage, technicians are getting ready to shift scenery on and off. On the stage, performers are getting ready to move on. Under the stage, instrumentalists accompany our performers, and play transitional music. On the left and right, performers and costumers scurry to change costumes, adjust make-up, and warm up for their performances. There truly is a place for everyone to succeed in our musical theater program.

As members of the Spotlight Musical Theater Program, our musicals have earned more than 130 company, group, and ensemble awards. Most notably, we have earned the coveted Overall Outstanding Production Award for each of the productions entered as well as the Outstanding Student Orchestra each and every year. See Awards and Honors for details.

If you would like to learn more about our program, tour our facility, or just talk about theater, please contact Scott Durocher at

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